Shadow Sorcerer

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox U.S. Gold Top down Isometric Fantasy

Tie in to the Dragonforce paper adventure series

Back in 1991 the idea that you had to combine the paper written word with a digital product was strong and it was used on a regular basis. This game is a perfect example of that, as both works can benefit from combined consumption. At any rate, whether or not you can manage to trace the Dragonforce booklet or not, this game can be played standalone without issues. And, in all respects it is a competent yet very finicky top down RPG, taking place in a world that precedes the makings of Baldur's Gate type graphics. What I mean by that the perspective is isometric and your party moves on the compartmentalized map finding or looking to track its next objective. There is leveling up, there is care for endowing each member of the party with the right type of armor as well as the best weapons. The story is pretty neat for the fantasy setting, involving slavery, dragons seeking vengeance and other tropes nicely wrapped around this central plot nucleus. Try it out, it's a well polished game and couple it with one of the later Ultima games if you are on an oldschool RPG stint.

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