Lords of Conquest

Strategy 1985 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Historical

Dated RISK like strategy game

Lords of Conquest shows its age immediately. It makes use of a very limited color palette, only 16, out of which only half could be displayed at one time. This means that some color clashes will most certainly contribute to an escalating headache, unless you play for very short periods of time. Other than that, in terms of the game mechanics, the game plays as a simple TBS. You select a square where you have units and you pick the next position on the map where they are to move. When in the range to fire, you can command the units to do so. The game can only be controlled via keyboard commands, which can be a bit of a problem, given that the majority of players of strategies have become accustomed to mouse and keyboard combinations. So, the only manner in which I can recommend this game is if you're in for a game session to see how the genre has evolved. Otherwise, this game will prove difficult too difficult to play, unless that's what you're looking to get a feel for. So, LoC is for its historic value/research purposes only, not too much fun to play, unfortunately.

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