American Conquest

Strategy 2002 Windows CDV Historical War Military

Battles Of epic proportions

American Conquest is one of those real-time strategy games where you simply want to take part in battles of epic proportions. While in other RTS games, like Age of Empires 2, where you can only lead a limited number of troops and these seem like a small number of units, in this game, you can lead an army, literally, of units, so much that their numbers can fill the entire minimap and you need to zoom out in order to see them. The game is basically very similar to Cossacks but, in American Conquest, peasants are directly needed to create troops. Another difference is that this game takes place in America, rather than Europe. The game also has a mechanic known as the morale mechanic, which determines how good your troops will perform in the battlefield. There's a campaign mode, a skirmish mode and even a multiplayer mode. The graphics are quite good, the effects are outstanding and the sound effects just great.

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