By Fire and Sword

Strategy 1985 Dos Microcomputer Games Historical

Be a medieval baron; fantasy tinged strategy and managerial game

By Fire and Sword is a cool blend of strategy and management, of an estate, estate which belongs to you, a medieval baron. While many of the portions of the game are realistic and math based, the game is not 100 percent a game for accountants; the world of the game is also home to magic, and so, at times, you fight to acquire new lands and vassals will get disrupted by magic. But even so, magic is not this extra elements that pops out of nowhere without warning; it is included in the fabric of the game. So, overall, with an economic driven core and with cool extras of magic and politics, even in spite of lackluster graphics, the game does a great job of offering you all that you need to keep your adventure in high tides. Furthermore, By Fire and Sword is a pretty cool game also because as you continue to grow your estate, a whole more attention will fall on your, and conflicts, lack of trust and other such elements will create an erosion pressure on your game; but that is the beauty of it; trying to build in spite of all the lacking portions and ideas behind the game. So, overall, By Fire and Sword is definitely one game that you will absolutely love and will play intensely, as it sure has a whole lot to offer you. Else, download The Patrician, if you feel like expanding your world by sea trade!

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