Heart of Africa

Strategy 1987 Dos Electronic Arts Historical Empire management

Visit Africa and find the famous Ankh

Heart of Africa is an adventure game for the Commodore 64 and unofficial sequel to The Seven Cities of Gold. Published by Electronic Arts in 1985, it casts the player as an adventurer searching for the Lost Tomb of Pharaoh Ankh in Africa during the late 19th century. You play the game on a small screen with a map in the center that depicts your inventory and how much food and money you have. You move around with a joystick and interact with by going around the map. You trade items with the natives to make money and fund your trip around Africa. The game is pretty interesting to play, pretty detailed and really gives you that adventurous feeling. The interface is quite logical and nicely arranged. The game has good but simple visuals and rather decent animation for 1985 and modest but good sound system of pretty high quality. The only objection I should make is of the game's screen, which is a bit too small for my preference. The game will be a really nice treat for all vintage gaming fans. Recommended!

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