Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Topo Soft Cartoon

Poor and gratuitous platformer

Lorna might gain some attention for its scantily clad heroine, but unfortunately for this little known platformer, based on a Spanish comic book series, it offers little else than heavily pixelated titillation and is only of interest to true collectors and nostalgia freaks. The game is a sort of sci-fi/fantasy actioner, in the vein of Savage or Ghosts & Goblins, but without the charm of either, and basically consists of a series of side-scrolling levels with Lorna exploring her way through a jungle-like alien planet, jumping, swinging and slaying every beast that crosses her path. Combat can be undertaken up close and personal or via your ever handy assault rifle, but in either fashion it is less than exciting or satisfying and seems merely to be designed to show off the title character's admittedly impressive curves. There really is little to the game beyond its shallow attempt at introducing a new female adventurer, and more time seems to have been spent on her design and how to show of her figure than planning any actual gameplay. As such, things get repetitive pretty quickly, with no options for exploration and with the shallow combat lacking in both interest and challenge, requiring merely a few random button stabs and no skill. Graphically, Lorna perks up a little, with reasonably atmospheric environments, but which are similarly repetitive and with only very limited animation for the equally dull sprites. As a game, Lorna fails almost entirely and provides only limited entertainment value for the very easily amused. Steer clear unless you enjoy truly awful games and stick to the classics.

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