Mad Mix 2

Arcade 1990 Dos Topo Soft Isometric Cartoon

Isometric action; eat all the balls!

In Mad Mix 2 you are a hungry, hungry creature, looking to eat all the balls that are scattered around the levels. It looks cool, as the game offers you a ZX Spectrum like isometric perspective, (Knight Lore like) and a lot of challenges. Yes, it would be easy to go about and just eat the coconuts brazenly, were it not for the many foes that also roam the levels. These come at you, yet they can be avoided, but you have to think strategically and also react fast (especially in the later levels, where the game is harder and the baddies are meaner!). The levels are all castle levels, which, graphically, is described by the wall like structures of the game. It's black and white, with additional graphical elements in some other colors, but it's easy to see the enemies and everything else, since it all looks very fresh and well done. Also, you have to avoid the traps, a thing that can be tricky, especially when baddies are all over you! Download and play it, it's a great game, and a very satisfying one!

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