Dizzy: Magic Land of Dizzy

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Platformer Cartoon

Classic arcade style adventure wit puzzles

The game belongs to the great series which has a lot of humor, fun and adventure. You play as the same old dizzy who is the prince of people who are egged shaped and are also termed as yolk folk. This arcade style games has a great combination of puzzles and adventure. The eccentric and the highly attractive level design and the cartoonish and humorous animations make it very inviting for all youngsters and children. This time around, the evil has done some very strange things to Dizzy's people and has turned his friend into different things and have trapped them. They have added many more features this time and have made the gameplay more diverse and exciting. Dizzy will have all the tools for this classic adventure type puzzle. A power bar has also been incorporated and Dizzy will also have three lives in this version. The graphics have also seen some good ad-on and the music has been much improved in comparison to the previous version Dizzy: Fantasy World of Dizzy. The tactics to be used or the puzzles have been made much more interesting and a bit complex so that your adventure becomes even more indulging.

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