Lucky Luke

Action 1997 Dos Infogrames Cartoon Arcade style

A bit too repetitive for my tastes...

I played platformer games starring this cowboy hat wearer on my Gameboy, on my NES and on the PC as well, and, while the older games were no creative jewels, they sure impressed me, especially that I had a sweet spot for this knightly tall thin man! But this 97 sidescroller, as much as I wanted, kind of let me down a little. Though, in its defense, it may have been me rather than the game. I'm saying that because Lucky Luke is all about adventuring and platforming, arcade style, but, unfortunately, nothing about it is too personal, nothing about the worlds is inviting enough to keep me playing on. The game's worlds and levels all look more than alright, but, unfortunately, they also lack diversity. Yeah, they're high quality wise, but ultimately, the design is pretty poor, overall. So, with that in mind, I find that the game is just not that appealing, overall. Thus, you'll enjoy it if you don't have much of an expectation for diverse scenarios, and if you can go without the rather linear goings about of Luke will feel alright to you. Alternatively, see the much older, (and color clashing!) Lucky Luke of 87, which, in my opinion is more original a platformer.

Go luke, go

Lucky Luke is a legend. Lucky Luke was a part of every kid childhood. I mean, all boys wanted to be cowboys one time in their life, and Lucky Luke was their favorite cartoon or comic book and that why there's no wonder several video games of the series came out for all platforms PC, Nintendo Game boy, Playstation, the works. This iconic game is great for all ages, for kids to nurture their childish dreams and for grownups to remember them. For those few who don't know about him, Lucky Luke is the sheriff of a small western town and takes care of the bad people who threaten his sovereignty. And as in the comics and cartoons, his job here is the same, to take out the trash out of the town. The gameplay is fairly simple. You go around town, kill bad guys. At some point you come to those high noon shoot-outs outside the tavern, and the view changes from 2D to 3D. The graphics are not much, the sound either, but hey! It's Lucky Luke! No matter the audio and video downsides, the game is witty, fun, and worthy of the iconic legend it represents.

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