Action 1998 Windows Mountain King Studios Science Fiction Arcade style

Don't stop blasting!

Demonstar is certainly a very familiar looking game, and if you've played anything from Xenon 2 to Raptor and Raiden, you'll certainly know what to expect here. It doesn't do anything new for the vertically scrolling shooter genre, but when all you want is to blow stuff up while surrounded by huge explosions and lots of gunfire, then this will certainly scratch that itch. This one does away with any pretension towards storylines and characters and instead simply throws you into the cockpit of a hi-tech jet fighter-type thing and sends you into a series of classic vertical scrolling action. Your only job is to blast everything to smithereens, and this is achieved with the usual array of guns, bombs and powerups, while there's also the expected variety of bad guys and bosses to take your anger out on. In all honesty, there's little else to describe about the game, and if you are in the market for another scrolling shooter, you might want to check this out. However, it's not going to keep you hooked for all that long, for a number of reasons. While pretty much everything is perfectly serviceable, it lacks anything to make it really stand out. It's certainly an easy game to pick up, due to the simple controls, but not to master, thanks to the intensity of the action. The visuals are pretty decent, with some nice enemy and environment design, while the sound effects are solid but add little to the overall experience. All in all, this is very much a standard shooter that should keep any genre fan playing for a while, but which is likely to be discarded in short order.

A game I find better than any Raiden game.

AS i said in the title, i would like to say first off, that I consider this to be one of the greatest arcade fighter-type shooting games that show well done 2D environments.This game is easily learned as it starts you off simple and not even at a fast pace. However, the difference between difficulties is in the enemies, but not how they act.Unlike many games that exist today, and are even highly popular, this game is one of the very few that can do proper difficulty scaling.Sadly I believe this game was short-lived, however the company that still lives today (at least their homepage does) still offers this game at a ridiculous 20 dollars. However I'd still buy this for 20 bucks (if it had the secret missions 1 and 2 games, PLUS an ability to create maps or possibly enemies; a gamer can dream the impossible) today.I could EASILY make a 10 paragraph essay on how much this game can offer on both the deeply analyzed, and skin-deep levels. But I will say it is without a doubt worth downloading. This game will make you lose hours without a single regret (usually) and be so small, only taking up up to 51 megabytes.

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