Disney's the Jungle Book

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Cartoon Platformer Adventure Action adventure Arcade

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Classic platforming fun with added Disney magic

Inspired by the classic tale of a boy growing up in the jungle, this is a superb platformer which features plenty of Disney magic in both its gameplay and its visuals. The game features all the characters from the book and the film and sees Mowgli escaping from his village and return to civilisation, all the while being pursued by the evil tiger, Shere Khan. Along the way he will be helped, or hindered, by Bagheera, King Louie and the hypnotic snake Kaa, with the story unfolding via brief descriptions of events accompanied by images. Gameplay takes the form of a side-scrolling platformer, akin to Pitfall!, with players either shooting or avoiding their enemies, using vines, bananas, coconuts and a myriad other power-ups to help them out. In a slight twist, levels are only completed when a certain number of gems and a specific character are found. As you would expect from a Disney game, The Jungle Book is a visual delight, with vibrant characters and environments that bring the story to life, and which are backed up by slick animation. It is more challenging than you might expect however, partly due to the enemy AI, but also because of the controls which are not always as precise as you'd like. The music too can get a little repetitive while there is a loss of character due to the lack of voice-acting. Apart from these minor niggles though, this is a lively and entertaining romp that is perfect for fans of Disney's Aladdin.

A great adventure with Mowgly

Much like Hercules and Aladdin which are also famous Disney's movies and games, this is s computer game of the famous movie Jungle Book, based on the novel with the same name by author Rudyard Kipling. By its gameplay the game reminds me a lot of Aladdin, only with little Mowgly being the protagonist instead of Aladdin and the game being set in the Indian Jungle instead of the Middle East. So, go ahead on a journey with Mowgly across jungles, climbing vines and fighting monkey and wild boars, collecting apples and other collectables and have a blast! The cuteness and the charm of the Disney's movie has been transferred very faithfully, so you will love Mowgly and his enemies from the start. The game is in 2D but with beautiful cartoonish art and awesome music. It's like the animated movie has suddenly transformed into a computer game! The game is a whole lot of fun for the whole family, so I suggest you go get the game and dig in!

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