Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance

Strategy 2005 Windows Turn based Sci fi

Launch the attack!

This sequel to the original Massive Assault is just as good as its predecessor and makes for a superbly entertaining time. It's another turn-based strategy game, kind of like Laser Squad but on overdrive, so if you're into the genre, this should be next on your shopping list. This one picks up where the previous game left off, but don't worry if you haven't played it as it's not really necessary in order to enjoy yourself here. Storywise, this sees the two factions from before duking it out once more in another epic galaxy-spanning war, unleashing even more deadly weapons of destruction upon one another. In gameplay terms, there are two campaigns for you to try out, one for each faction, with more than 20 non-linear scenarios to test your skills at. There's an extensive range of sea, air and land vehicles to use to your tactical advantage, with a decent range of missions and environments to prove your worth in. Phantom Renaissance isn't a perfect game, but for the most part it is hugely enjoyable. Both of the campaigns on offer have plenty to get your teeth into, with some challenging missions that are never less than entertaining. The range of units is decent enough to allow you to try out various approaches, which gives the game some replay value. The visuals are sound, with a few muddy textures letting the side down, while the voice acting is pretty ropey, although the music is suitably over the top. There are also a few bugs to watch out for, but if you can get over this fact, you're in for a good time here.

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