Massive Assault

Strategy 2003 Windows Akella Turn based Isometric Science Fiction Sci fi

Epic turn-based fun

The first in a superb set of strategy wargaming titles, and which is followed up by Massive assault Network amongst others, this is a cracking bit of tactical gaming fun. This one is fairly simple compared to what came later, but laid down many of the foundations for what would follow and remains a fun experience. There doesn't seem to be too much of a story to get in the way of the action but if there is, it's probably just another variation on the usual 'evil aliens trying to conquer humans' sort of thing. However, we can pretty much dismiss narrative here and concentrate on the action. The game itself plays out in familiar 3D fashion and is sort of hex-based, only you don't actually see the hexes until you actually need them. In similar style to RTS games like Command & Conquer, you control a force of cool sci-fi vehicles and must engage in turn-based battles with your enemy. These battles take place over island chains and other such environments and play out exactly as you'd expect. However, while Massive Assault doesn't pack a lot of originality in, it more than makes up for it by simply being extremely well done. There isn't a wealth of detail here, so if you like your historical stats-based wargames, you might be better off elsewhere but if you simply enjoy tactical wargaming that's fun, then this is for you. In many ways, it's more like a board game, as you send out your units to do battle, but you really have to think things through, as one wrong move can spell disaster. Throw in some appealing visuals and you have a cracking little game.

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