Omnicron Conspiracy

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Epyx Organized Forces Science Fiction

Space policeman/investigator adventure/RPG

It might be the future and it all might be oh so good looking and shiny, but crimes are still happening. And, where tere's crime, there's also the police, and where there's police there's investigation. And that's what you'll be doing in this game here: you'll role play your way through the universe trying to locate a disappeared an agent; maybe he's dead, maybe he's kidnapped, or, just maybe, the real story is much more intricate. Alright, up until now, we sort of have a Star Trekkish plot for a not that great adventure game. So why call this an RPG then? Well, because you'll be able to advance a few stats, which will allow you to equip better weapons and some other gear. But, is there more than one outcome to the game, does the game branch out? Nope, not really, once you've learned your way around the game you'll soon find that it plays more like an adventure puzzler, as there is one single best way to solve the game, and not much choice (or rather, significant choice) to be made. Oh, and the fighting soon gets monotonous as it is turn based and pretty abysmal. Well, if you want space opera RPG action, better choose something else: My options? Star Trek Away Team, not a classic, but surely less dull than this game here.

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