Super Password

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox GameTek Game show

Based on an obscure game show, pretty bland...

This game is based on a TV series I wasn't aware of. It's like a sort of Hangman, as it asks you to crack (for lack of a better word!) a password, which has some letters missing from it. At any rate, you have but one minute to decipher each password that you are given by the PC. Each time you guess a letter you also get some points (money in the game, but, well, it's game money!) and then you might be closer to guessing the thing. But it's also that you're competing against others, and everyone guesses on the same password, which means that at times you will also play a mind game in which you might want to guess wrong just so you won't aid your adversary. So, yeah, it's a bit of a game theory in practice game, hehe! I guess the idea can be fun only for so long, so play it if you must, but don't expect it to catch much traction. It's a perfectly playable oldie, graphically, (lots of magenta, as you'd expect from a game its age!) though color clashing. Alternatively, any iteration of Wheel of Fortune might as well do.

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