Machiavelli the Prince

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Merchant Prince trading sim remake; well executed

This remake of the Merchant Prince game is a pretty sturdy, well executed trader/strategy game. You play as a 14th century trader, who looks to get the most out of the business. You trade in everything from beer to wool, to fine goods, to wine, to metals and ores and so on, and your basis for amassing a fortune is buying cheap and selling at the highest margin you can. Now, the more you have to sell to a certain area, the less the wholesale price will be, but some areas offer really high prices for you, mostly when there is a shortage. You will, however, have to face the high seas in order to get to these areas, and the longer the sea journey, the harder it will be for the crew to keep from danger. The sea is dangerous, the pirates are always roaming about, and so, the best way to transport wares is by convoy, but even so, sometimes it is a good idea to keep expansion under check, by first establishing local routes and diversifying, while growing your number of ships as much as possible. So, all in all, with some minigames and politics included, Machiavelli the Prince is a pretty cool game, well executed, graphically alright, 2D top down, and for high seas merchants and trading lovers it will definitely be a revelation. Just in case, download Patrician 2 also, just to make sure you get a second build for this game

Go back to 16th century Italy

Remember the time of the powerful families Medici a Machiavelli? When money was power, when trading was money, and everything can be bought and sold? This game puts you right in that struggle of power, reflects the importance of money very accurately and in everything makes you feel like you're back in the 16th century. This great amazing game puts you in the position of a leader of one of the families, and your job is to make a name for yourself. You are primarily trading goods for money and selling them back for more money, but you have much higher ambitions. You don't like somebody? Just hire someone to kill them. Want a connection in the Vatican? Well, the cardinals are not as pure as you thought, and love the taste of gold. The game is very interesting, challenging and oozes with the rivaling atmosphere. The game has a relatively easy gameplay, a lot of buttons but very practical, a detailed map and a lot of statistics, but not many enough to get you confused. The visuals are very nice for that time and the design is very good. The soundtrack is also great and helps in keeping the atmosphere true. Indeed, one of the best trading strategy games out there. Worth a shot! For a similar game, give Gloriana: Elisabeth I a try.

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