Gloriana: Elisabeth I

Strategy 1996 Dos Ascon Historical Business

Absorbing and evocative historical sim

History and strategy buffs are sure to enjoy this complex trading game that throws gamers into the turbulent times of the 16th Century. Following the formula laid down by similar games such as Sid Meier's Pirates! where players take the role of a small-time merchant who must rise up the ranks of society through a mix of canny trading, smooth political manoeuvring or even outright piracy. In this sense, Gloriana will be very familiar to veterans of Machiavelli the Prince or The Patrician, but remains of interest due to its clever blending of genre staples. Although fairly complex in nature, the game's intuitive interface renders it easy to keep track of resources and goals, while the depth of gameplay on display here impresses in its scope and ambition. Gloriana also presents some strong visuals which, although lacking in realism, are brimming with character. The expansive game world is brought colourfully to life with a wide range of gloriously detailed environments that are a joy to explore and fully evoke this unusual period of history. Sound design however is limited to some undeniably evocative music but little else, which is somewhat disappointing. For anyone in the market for an enjoyable strategy experience, Gloriana comes highly recommended, blending as it does involved gameplay with attractive visuals to create a thoroughly absorbing historical sim.

A very authentic trading game

Very similar to the game Machiavelli The Prince, Elisabeth is a 15th century trading game that centers on England in 1550., in the time when Elisabeth I became queen. You start as a lowly merchant, but have to use your trading and political skills to increase your social status and become her personal adviser. The twist is that you have a time limit of 38 years to achieve that status. You can choose the way to achieve that objective - you can go with the simple buy and sell method, or you can take the life of a pirate and plunder your way to fame and fortune, methods which are really appropriate for the world in the 16th century. Otherwise, the game plays very typically for a historical trading simulation and is very interesting and authentic. The graphics are pretty nice and attractive and the game is overall very appealing and time consuming. If you like historical trading games with great detail, this is definitely the game for you.

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