Hanse: Die Expedition

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Ascon Historical Business

The patrician before Patrician!

Patrician will propel Ascaron into the realm of greats, in terms of trading centric economic simulation, of the medieval era. But, before they'd become capable of creating that series, they had quite a bit of experience in some other games as well, economic simulations as well. Thus, Hanse: Die Expedition is exactly that, a game that is a stepping stone experience; it's not as well polished, nor as well designed as Patrician, but it has quite a few of the elements of this future simulator. Thus, you can buy goods (cheaply!) and sell goods (at a profit!) You will also be in the business of transporting your merchandise, of supplying it to the areas that require it, and, therefore, you will need to do a bit of studying. Also, a lesson that Hanse: Die Expedition will teach you, will be that of not over flooding the market with product. If you do, the prices will go down and you will make less of a profit. But, nonetheless, Hanse: Die Expedition can be engaging, as it sports colorful graphics, that have that air of 17th/18th century, which is well conveyed in the isometric landscapes the game has. Give it a try if you like reductive (economic) simulations, it won't disappoint.

An okay trading simulation

This strategy game is in fact a remake of the old Hanse, with enhanced graphics, some new tunes and overall, in my opinion, better quality. A big warning, though. The game is entirely in German, and there is no English version to be found. So, unless you are fluid in German, you'll have to open a dictionary next to you.. Or give up altogether. Which would be a shame, since the game really is good. This game is about economic management, making the main objective of the game trading and exploring new places to trade (Reminding me of 1602 A.D., another trading simulation game). The gameplay is simple enough so you won't have problems adjusting. I like the illustrations that definitely make the game look a lot better, the font is really cool and giving the game that adds to that renaissance look and the sound is also very nice. Overall, a nice looking trading game without many excitement, but still pretty okay to play. If you know German like a boss.

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