1830 Railroads & Robber Barons

Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill Historical Business Tycoon style

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Based on the earliest of railway days!

1830 was the beginning of the railway age, with the country of America becoming increasingly interconnected with trains. It was the wild west of railroad building and expansion, but it was most definitely an interesting period, with a whole load going on everywhere. At any rate, the most notable thing about the game, which is actually a remake of a tabletop game by the famous Avalon Hill, is the fact that it keeps close to the gameplay of the original, without skimping on the ideas and possibilities that make computer games easier to play and more streamlined. So, you still have a board, on top of which you build your infrastructure. As you might imagine, you have a whole lot of costs to take into account, and thus, to continue to expand, you have to make good financial choices. The better you realize your tracks, the better you will fare consequently, being able to cover more and more ground with railways. Graphically, 1830 Railroads & Robber Barons is also a sweet looking game, that takes advantage of the SVGA standard that by the mid 90s was beginning to be the norm. Else, of course, download Railroad Tycoon, which is better looking, more thoroughly built and also set towards the (!) middle ages of railway expansion!

A railroad stock game.

This game published in 1995 by Simtex is a single-player strategy turn-based translation of the share trading board game with the same name published by Avalon Hill in 1986. The idea of the game is to buy and sell stock in order to achieve the most money, basically winning the game by being the most wealthy. The graphics are pretty nice and justified as well, being a '93 game. The audio is excellent as well and you can hear classical music from time to time. There are several screens within the game, the most important being a stock console and a railroad business map. Overall this is a nice way to train your economic skills in a fun way and I would categorize this as being one of the most complex thorough economical game of it's time.

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