Magebane 2

RPG 2002 Windows Isometric Fantasy

Busy action RPG that is quite relentless!

Magebane 2 follows the recipe of its predecessor but instead of mellowing out and taking a more laid back attitude; it shifts it all into higher gear. That makes it so that the game is intense at every step of the way, a click fest but one that has its moments of tactical revelation. But don't be worried: if you were looking for a sort of substitute for mindless RPG action, say in the same vein as the Diablo series or the more recent Torchlight games Megabane will be able to quench that thirst. Now, of course, the game is 2D, but a rather colorful and intense kind, with lots of incentives to keep at it, keep bashing the skulls of your enemies. Overall, the game can really fill in a break, with its mindless but well equilibrated gameplay. There are tons of loot to be had, tons of enemies to be slayed, magicked out of existence and also, they all want you. But will you give yourself to them?! Nope I didn't think so. So play this one when you want an immediate reward kind of RPG with action written all over it. Magebane 2 delivers without fuss.

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