Nethack: Falcon's Eye

RPG 2001 Windows Jaakko Peltonen Isometric Fantasy

An updated version of Nethack

The original Nethack was a great RPG, with lots of elements taken out of Rogue like games and a few that were original to the franchise. Nonetheless, with its ASCII graphics and controls that were suited for the late 80s, it couldn't really have stood the test of time, especially not for a new generation of players. But this is where Nethack: Falcon's Eye comes in, with a new SVGA graphics engine, with colorful top down isometric graphics, taking this beautiful RPG to the next level. There are lots of elements that have received a make-over, except for the graphics, and it shows. You can even move your characters around on autopilot, and only get involved when they have reached their destination, you have many more weapons to choose from, there are better tooltips where in the past there where none, and, of course, you can customize the controls on the keyboard as you see fit. But, thankfully, the original's draw and intricacies of gameplay are still there, for the old players as well as for the new, which is why this adaptation is so great and innovative. So, a great move forward for an old RPG, for yet another decade!

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