Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters

Puzzle 1993 Dos Software Toolworks Word or trivia Education Animals

Pretty bland edutainment title; for small kids only

While graphically, presentation wise and even in terms of the interactions that this game offers it's alright, quite high in quality, in terms of actual content, meaningful puzzles, interaction, fun stuff, Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters is pretty bland. So, at the most what you will be doing is moving Mario from one room to another in sidescroller fashion, meet characters from his Super Mario games and interact with them, generally having them speak a few lines and then just become static characters. You will mostly be on a hunt to collect letters, which spell words, and you get to learn (or, rather, get not to forget them!). Compared to another edutainment series with Mario, the Mario Teaches Typing one, I'd say this one is miles away behind, from all points of view. The gameplay choices are simply abysmal for starters, and, after that, it never really picks up, as I said. But, for kids that have just learned about letters I guess it will do the trick. So, only for preschoolers, so as they won't forget the letters of the alphabet!

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