Mario Teaches Typing

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Learning to type with Mario!

Mario Teaches Typing is an edutainment title, featuring Mario, the famed Nintendo character, whose main goal is that of teaching you how to type and improve your typing. The title consists of a number of minigames, where the main form of interaction is through typing. You have the option of playing with Mario, Bowser or Princess Peach, and in terms of number of minigames there are a few. One of the most interesting is a sidescroller, in the style of Super Mario; however, you jump and perform other activities by pressing the letters that appear as you scroll down. The cool thing is that the game also teaches you which finger to use, so that, in no time you will learn QVWERTY typing without any more hassle! Plus, the graphics look fine, sort of 16bit-ish, and with every new level you get to learn new tricks, as the minigames become harder and harder. Sensational for typing, and it actually is great for touch typists. A true resource for beginner typists, who still have love for Mario and his wish to teach you things!

Learn typing with the famous plumber and his team!

This is actually a pretty innovative and interesting idea to teach people typing - type while playing a game! This is a neat little program for people who are yet to familiarize with the computer keyboard and need to know where is which key. As Mario (or an other Mario character) goes on a path from a typical Super Mario game, the blocks above his head are marked with a letter and you must press that letter for Mario to jump and get the block. Bellow the screen on a separate panel are two gloved hands that show you exactly where on the keyboad you must press for the specific letter and with which finger. The game is suited for various levels of difficulty, so you can try the game if you are a person who's never seen a keyboard or a typist in an office. The game is made in the typical Mario design, with the famous turtles and brick setting, and he game is followed with appropriate cute sound effects. This game is especially good for children who are still learning to use the computer, because this is a fun and interesting way of learning. Like in the game Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, this is a perfect combination of fun and education and I think it's really a splendid idea and a fun game.

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