Star Trek TNG: Interactive Technical Manual

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OMG, OMG, OMG! I was aware of the actual book (and, through the use of PDF converters, the digital version of it) that detailed the science behind the Next Generation Star Trek, well, science and its bending to be more precise, but I never knew there was a proper interactive tool produced along those lines. Alright, I actually knew of this iPad application that was like a a Wiki for the ST universe, but after a bit of scrutiny I went against it because it was just your average collection of info on the universe. But nope, with Star Trek TNG: Interactive Technical Manual you get an absolute fanboy's dream, actual fantasy manual, which comprises the entire tech (in ST TNG language, OMG!) world of the series, from the warp engines explained to who knows what bit of info, even I wasn't aware of. And, you know what's the greatest thing of all? THE ENTIRE CD RUNS AN INTERFACE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE OVERLAYS FROM THE TV SERIES!!! Are you not excited, are you not going out of your mind right now??? Well, alright, I'll tone it down, so it's like Encarta for geeks, but, well, some of us go crazy over stuff like that! Try it out, if you're a fan, otherwise, maybe a game will be more like it for you, an adventure. If that's the case, see Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity, a great TNG classic adventure.

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