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Sims 2, a strategic life simulation computer game, released by Electronic Arts in 2004 is the direct sequel of the best-seller The Sims 1, and as it's predecessor this also is very popular that it is impossible that you could have not heard about or played it yet. The gameplay starts with the player choosing a personal residential lot from a neighborhood view, lot that could be pre-made or empty (on which you build by your heart's desire). There are residential and community lots on the world map where Sims travel to purchase things and to interact with NPCs and townies. There are three modes to switch between: Live (default to controlling Sims), Buy (withing which a player can add, move or delete furniture) and the Build (used to rebuild the house). The main focus is the life of the Sims from birth to death. The normal life span of a Sim is of 29 days. A new Sim can be brought by birth and it's name can be set by the player. A new Sim will go through all the stages of life (Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Elder hood and Death). Players will need to build up talent badges, skills and relationships to be successful. Sims 2 allows the players to create their custom-made families using the interfaces available in the game. The customization is down to the detail of their skin tone. There are four features of social interactions that include influencing (a sim influences other Sims and it's skill-points is affected by completing Wants or Fears), Chemistry (social interactions probabilities are determined by the Sims chemistry, custom-chosen), Fury (consists of Sims getting angry on other Sims from various reasons that could lead to fights or vandalizing residential lots) and Reputation (built by interacting with community Sims). Sims 2 has careers that require skills and a certain number of social interactions. Rewards and high salaries come along with success in career. Overall I am not sure if I should suggest you playing this game knowing that it is so popular and that you might already have played it, but if you haven't you should try it out, you might add up to the fan group of the Sims series.

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