Hollywood Pictures

Simulation 1995 Windows Dosbox Starbyte Software Life simulation City simulation

Do you want to be the next big fish in the movie industry?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a movie maker? Were you ever interested in the rise of the Hollywood industry? How much money do you need do become one? What are the requirements? This truly one-of-a-kind simulation game deals with just these questions. Starting with a really small amount of money in your inventory and just a simple 5-room cinema in the outskirts of the town, you embark on your path to the top and becoming one of the most prominent movie creators there are. You will have to spend your money wisely, buy original old-school movies and show them to your customers, attract viewers and sell tickets and use the money earned into producing and creating your own film. You can choose to buy an already written script or make your own. Of course, a money is no good if it doesn't have a good director and fine actors. They are the ones who will your dreams come to life. And so you go to the top.. The game is truly fantastically detailed and represents every step of the movie making industry accurately. The game gives you a lot of space - you can choose the genre your movie will be, the people who will do it and much more. I have truly never seen another game like it. While most games like SimCity orient on building cities or towers, this is the firm simulation game that I know that covers the ups and downs of a future movie mogul. The graphics of the game really add to the experience, since they are very nice and pretty up to date with the time the game is in. I wouldn't say that the game doesn't have it's minor flaws but all in all, it's a pretty good game. Give it a try!

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