MER Innebandy

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Floorball simulation

There are a lot of different kind of sports and this is a new one you may want to try. MER Innebandy is a floorball simulation game which is quite a famous sport in Sweden and Germany. The game involves 5 players on both the sides and two goal keepers. The concept of this sports is based on the street hockey of America but this game was only known by the people in Sweden and Finland which may be due to lack of advertisement. The game is however is not something to really top about because it is pretty ordinary in terms of all its feature and the gameplay. Starting with the graphics, they are quite ordinary and does not allow a good indulging view of the action. The user interface in the game is though interactive but is pretty boring and is not attractive at all. The game physics is also very simple in terms of the tricks and the passes and the goal keeper has no special defensive moves. You simply pas and shoot the ball and that is it. Well they could have made it a lot better if they would have focused on the gaming engine. The sounds in the game are however pretty good but it does not make it a classic. For real classic sporting action, try Hooves of Thunder.

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