Snowmobile Racing

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3D Snowmobile racer with American tracks

If you feel like playing a racing game but don't really know what to go for, and feel that an F1 game or a dirt track sim is not what you want to go for, well, a snowmobile racer game might be it. This game here is a nice 3D based such racer, which allows you to race on tracks in Iowa, Maine, Wyoming and a few locations in Minnesota. I don't know why the developers chose to go all American exclusive, but, in truth the tracks are ok. I mean, after all it's going to be racing through the snow, so I don't think you'd have too much of a pretension towards more colorful vistas. But even so, the graphics are ok. In terms of snowmobiles there are 5 to choose from, different in power, steering and also differently design wise, but, my advice is, go for the Goat High Mark, one of the snowmobiles the game promotes. Anyway, while I never rode a snowmobile, I would think that the behavior of the game's snow machines is not the most realistic out there, but it sure is fun. It feel more like riding a boat, but maybe that is how it is in reality. So check it out for yourself, this is a well made game, overall.

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