3DO Games: Decathlon

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3D decathlon sim, pretty well done

In 3DO Games: Decathlon the center stage is taken by the track discipline of decathlon. The developer, 3DO has put quite a bit of work into the game. The 3D environments, models as well as the spectators (plus the music and sound) create a very atmospheric game. Given that the game focuses on this sole discipline, the focus it received is definitely a bit more satisfying than most of the other games that bundle together other Olympic disciplines. So, all in all, when you've considered it all, 3DO Games: Decathlon is a very single minded, focused game, pretty well adept at creating a very cool user interaction. You will get to manage your energy expenses, you will get to manage your speed and, thus, it's a deeper game than, say, a game that only asks you to mash buttons. It still has an arcade feel to it, but it sure is an alright game, very entertaining and drawing. Play it if you were looking for a better than average running sim/arcade game, this one certainly has what it takes. And, also, see the old Decathlon, minimalist, black and white (and magenta, of course!) but just as fun!

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