TV Sports: Boxing

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Early box sim, pretty ambitious for its time

What TV Sports: Boxing wanted to do was actually create a fighter game that hinged as much as it could to simulation, tried to be as faithful to the actual real sport as much as it could manage. How much could it do that? Well, I'd say, with the resources it had at its disposal in 98, it was pretty close, pretty out there! Now, does that mean that, today, you'd go out and play it and not feel as if the game is aged or not that satisfying? Well, it sure doesn't unfortunately... TV Sports: Boxing is surely ambitious, but it is aged, kind of taking all the good and nice bits that has and throwing them out the window. So, yeah, the animations are alright, and the way the boxers are drawn can be quite interesting, as they are pretty well animated, but I also feel that today, most players would just see them as too plastic like, too unrealistic. Then again, no other game can really stand up to TV Sports: Boxing in 98, so, I think that it was the king of the hill back in the day, but today, yeah, you'd have to be quite patient and forgiving with it, to let it grow on you. Oh, but if you like it, do try out some other TV Sports titles as well, as these surely were all pretty good for their time.

One of the best boxing games

TV Sports: Boxing is a boxing sports videogame released by ACME in 1998, this game is oriented towards boxing and managed to be one of the best for DOS. There are two game modes: exhibition, where you select a boxer and an opponent and fight each other on the ring for a single match, and career, where you start off a rookie boxer and fight your way to the top to be the champion boxer. One unique feature of the game is that players have to chance to create their own boxer, which was rare amongs these type of games in the '90s. The gameplay might look complicated, it's rather easy though. There are 3 meters that each player need to look after: staming, head and body. While the first one is self explanatory, the other 2 are basically health meters. If drained, there is a high chance that the match can end with a knockout. The controls are simple: just hit the opponent either on the head or stomach and back off and defend yourself to gain back some stamina.

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