Magic: the Gathering

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Relatively early but fully featured MtG digitization

Playing Magic: the Gathering with real cards can be a pretty expensive task, especially if you play as the game is meant to be played, that is, when you lose a card in the game, you actually lose ownership over it! So, in this respect, Magic: the Gathering the digital game is a great way to hone your skills, get to experience the game in full, so as to hone your skills for real world play, or to substitute it. This package is more of a digital table, so to say, as it just allows for games to be played, vs against the computer or vs other players. At any rate, the game features a good chunk of the Magic: the Gathering cards released by the time, and I think it also allows you to add more cards into the game by importing them, so if you're lucky you can use this as a platform even today, as the rules for the game have not changed too much, if at all. Anyway, you probably know that there is an online game of Magic: the Gathering, which features real players and relatively high stakes games, so, this game here could be your way towards learning enough to be able to go online and play at full capacity there. Be warned, Magic: the Gathering can be very captivating, digitally or otehrwise!

Building a Magic Deck

I used to play Magic with a real deck, and real friends. I've heard about this game and wanted to give it a try so I downloaded it. My first impression was that I was about to spend many days in front of my computer. But after some time, I realized this was not the case. Magic: the Gathering is a well achievement counterpart of the real game. Graphics are actually good, and the sound effects are not that bad. Developed by a giant like Atari, the game itself is a good replica of the world famous deck game. But I'm afraid that's all it is. While you can create characters and build up decks accordingly to your tastes and fighting style, a computer game of this type lacks the essential: another human opponent. Winning a match does not bring you the feeling that you've accomplished something, that you've bested your opponent with cunning and a good strategy. It's always the computer you are facing. But, one good aspect of the game is the Build your Deck option. I was fascinated by the chance to acquire cards I've never seen. In the single player campaign you start with a simple deck, and the more you win, the more cards you get to continue building a stronger deck. The game later introduced a multiplayer add-on, but like I said, it was no match for the real-life card game. Still, it's a good game overall, with some great features that will keep you busy and entertained for some time.

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