Solitaire Royale

Puzzle 1987 Dos Dosbox Publishing International Cards

A must have card games

It is a very solid card game which features a great mouse sport and diversity in terms of the card games that it gives. There are about 8 different card games and you can also run a tour to play all of them in a single go. The car dynamics and the rules in the game are the same as you see in the real world of card games. It also gives you three children games. There are 10 choices for deck arts that are there and this makes the gameplay very diverse. The most dominant feature into game if we take into the account the time when it was released is the 16 color EGA graphics which were very rare in those times. A top notch user interface has been incorporated as the player can very easily move from one game to the other using the top menu bar. You can pause and read the dynamics and the rules of the games. The mouse support in the game has made it more playable and enjoyable. To sum up this game, you have a great card game which you have always been missing in your artillery. Those who have played Cribbage Solitaire will love this one.

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