Omar Sharif on Bridge

Puzzle 1991 Dos Oxford Softworks Cards

Fine all round bridge sim (with Omar Sharif!)

The legendary actor Omar Sharif is by all accounts something of a bridge fan (well, you'd hope so if he goes around lending his name to bridge games) and now fans of this classic card game can play along to his dulcet tones, taking advice from the master himself. The game of bridge itself is rather complicated to explain here, but rest assured this version features all the slams, trumps, bidding and finesse that you would expect from a computer-based bridge game and to be fair, his plays a pretty decent hand of cards and is suited to newcomers and old hands lacking in real human company alike. If you are new, the basics are explained well enough with an easy-to-follow tutorial, but everyone will appreciate the inclusion of a few fancy extras. Firstly, there is the option to create your own custom hands so that you can practice putting the perfect slam together or fine-tune your own personal weaknesses. The 'What If..?' scenario editor allows for further customisation options to be explored, while you can even change the look of the cards you play with, just for some variety. While visually the game is little more than a deck of cards on a plain backdrop, for something like this flashy visuals are more of a distraction than anything else, and the game certainly doesn't lose anything due to its minimal aesthetic. Of more importance is the interface, and On Bridge scores well in this department, with a user-friendly approach that makes playing a breeze, both intuitive and slick. If you're in the market for a bridge sim, this really is a safe bet and is sure to offer all you need. Plus, it's got Omar Sharif in it.

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