Mixed up Mother Goose

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Mixed up Mother Goose is a mixed bag of tricks

One thing is sure about Mixed up Mother Goose: it is a children's game. However, I don't see how I could recommend it to children today, who, in my opinion, would really have a hard time getting used to the stiff interface of this game and to the rather shoddy graphics. A plus for those that play the game along with their small ones is the fact that the story is sprinkled with games references, and sometimes the comments are not the nicest you would think of. However, the language remains civil and it remains proper for children. The story involves a child is sent by a mysterious power in a dream world where he must give aid to Mother Goose and to some other animated series characters such as Jack and Jill. The game focuses mainly on teaching children about nursery rhymes and thus features quite a few of them. Depending on how you want to take it, this can be a good plus, as you can spend a good time with your child inside the game. But otherwise, played per se, on your own, it will just be annoying and will lack any real drawing power.

A great game for kids

The plot of the game is that you have to find items from nursery rhymes and take them to the appropriate person. For instance, if you find a pail, you have to bring it to Jack and Jill. Once you take the item to the correct person, You will then see the nursery rhyme played out. The only down side to this game is the movement from place to place, as it always took a lot of time, the character walks very slow. Other than that this is a great game for kids!

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