Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Education Cartoon Design Tool

A cartoonish puzzler with a childlike story

You can think of this game as a lite version of a more sprawling adventure game, or you can think of it as a collection of puzzles that have an interesting but child like backstory. Either way, you want to play this game if you've played it in the past or if you want a simpler, more easy to sink into experience. Either way, you won't find the game too hard, but the diverse though classic puzzle games sprinkled in might do the trick for a few hours. The graphics are really nice, depicting lush though not very original contents, and offering you something that isn't really too realistic either. The story is administered bubble text like and if you care for it, it's got some interesting points about honesty, taking the right path in life and so on, in its under text. But don't worry, it's noting too mature or scary, it's just a bit more than a stock like story, that can be ignored without issues, if you're not that much into it, but, otherwise, you will care much more for the diverse puzzles than the narrative. So, play it with your kids or play it on your own if you want to remember the good old days of the late 80s era.

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