Puzzle 1988 Dos Everett Kaser Software Design Tool Math or logic

Action within the tight confines of a green maze

If you want to be a bidimensional action hero, seen from above and, in general, have to deal with all sort of cartoony yet quite vicious ensemble of baddies, this game will surely deliver. It's a maze crawler supreme, relatively fast, that requires some coordination as well as just keeping your action button mashed. Within the confines of its tight and packed mazes, it also manages to put a hint of puzzle in there, but don't expect to have your mind exploited to the max. Nope, we're mostly talking retrieve the key kind of puzzle or things of that nature. The snarf, the main baddie of the game can be quite tricky to overcome, but not impossible, and, for the most part, a certain feel of expanded Pac Man governs from high above on the game. Though, it sure doesn't feel so arcadey, but more action ont eh PC like. Quality of the graphics? Well, sufficiently developed, within the confines of late 80s color schemes. Yes, it's not much, but it's alright, all things considered, so don't be afraid, this game won't disappoint, if you have love for top down almost puzzle, almost action games. And, if you feel particularly like tweak and code hacking, know that this game's code was released for free, and was one of the first DOS games to do that.

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