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Entertaining animal-based mayhem

Do you like such animal-based combat and puzzle games as Worms, Lemmings or even the almost forgotten Psycho Pigs UXB? If so, then MoleZ is bound to be right up your alley, mixing as it does serious hi-tech weapons, copious amounts of mindless violence and of course, moles! The aim of the game is simple enough: destroy all the other moles using the array of powerful weaponry available to you, while avoiding getting fragged yourself. The game takes a real-time, 2D approach to its mayhem, and clearly inspired by Worms, introduces a bunch of inventive guns and other gear, such as the shovel, rocket launcher, sniper rifle and nuclear grenade. Adding to the game's inventiveness is the weapon editor which allows you to tweak your guns to suit your own needs, while a multi-player option throws even more fun into the mix. MoleZ also makes use of some surprisingly complex physics, like air resistance and gravity, to add to the challenge and to the strategy that is required for victory. While not exactly sophisticated stuff, MoleZ is an undeniably enjoyable slice of animal-killing nonsense. The multiplayer mode is the way to experience the game, and it shares Worms' gleeful sense of deliciously dark humour in its approach to combat. Like Worms, it is supremely entertaining blasting your rival moles from the scorched earth and the range of weapons in display here means there's always a new and inventive way to take vengeance. Graphically, the game is of course rather simple, but to be honest it doesn't matter too much as the gameplay is just so much fun. Check out Liero too for a similar piece of ridiculous fun.

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