Action 1999 Dos Dosbox Joosa Riekkinen Shooter

Dance on your opponents entrails

I love Liero it is so much of a fun game to play with a friend. I would even go as far as saying it is the the most fun you could possibly have playing video games with a friend at the same time on the same keyboard on an old 486 computer. The game is like a real time homebrew remake of the Worms series by Team 17. This was one of the earliest homebrew games I remember playing and I set it up on an old computer I bought from a garage sale and it worked great. It was a fun game to show friends and it worked any old PC system. The game's level environment is able to be permanently destroyed as you battle each other like in Red Faction and drill through the level to get to each other. There are so many creative guns to choose from and changing the reload times on them makes them even more fun to play with! From the useless weapons such as the dirt bomb to the unfair weapons like the guided missile this game has it all and the way you die will leave blood and guts everywhere. Prepare to dance on your opponents guts and entrails. A great game, that is still a must have.

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