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Not even Michael could sell this mediocre game

Moonwalker is a bit of a nuisance, if you actually want to play it, but many NES collectors, even the ones that collect games they actually want to play do seem to have it. It's an experiment where nobody really cared, and so the quality of the game, all things considered was pretty bleak. There are 4 stages in this one, one stage that is all about top down exploration, another one that is classic sidescrolling, one where you have to execute Michael's dance move, the Moonwalker, and a few more that are about jet ski racing. None of them are... well playable! The controls are unresponsive, the design is subpar, the animations are just ugly and don't really feel nice, they feel stiff and they take the controls away from you. It's a really maddening game, if you actually want to play it for real, but if you are looking to experience a game gone bad, definitely Moonwalker has to be in that collection. Plus, the story has Michael Jackson trying to save some children, which, given all the debates and all the untruths, just feels bleak, especially for a Michael fan. Oh, well, but if you liked oddities, this sure has odd value in there, galore. Else, download Super Mario 3, if you want a sidescroller that is really fantastic and well playable.

Loved it!

I declare myself a Michael Jackson huge fan, but I haven't known there existed a game featuring the King of Pop! I am talking about Moonwalker, a 1989 arcade action game, whose 4 levels will definitely entertain you! MJ's mission is to save the children and to defeat Mr. Big, and the game has the same plot as in the movie. I announce you that the first two levels are a bit boring, because you aren't allowed to use weapons yet, and let's admit it, what action is that without guns? But the wait will be worth it, as the last two levels will be much better, full of excitement. The animations will precede every level, that will remind you of the movie, and this is a pretty cool feature. The sounds and music department recreate the MJ's popular shouts "ooh!" and "aoww's!", and of course, his well-known hits! The graphics look good, the controls are responsive and your character is agile and fast! This old school game will definitely delight you, because its design and gameplay brings Michael Jackson's true magic that was shown everytime on stage! Those that haven't played it when it was launched, now it is a great opportunity to bring a last tribute to their beloved and regretted legendary Pop star. Take it now!

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