Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer Horizontal shooter Puzzle based Action Adventure

Lots of puzzle heavy rooms; find the solution

Paganitzu is an action puzzler in sidescrolling portions, and with each new level, a similar yet harder kind of experience awaits. You are an explorer of caves, with each cave having its own traps and its own keys and treasures. You, of course, have to collect the treasure while trying to avoid the traps and the baddies. The hero needs to solve each room, and, when you consider it, each one is a long winding twisty puzzle, with smaller puzzles built in. Graphically, Paganitzu looks 8bit like, good enough, yet nothing too special; it looks like a shareware era game (and it actually is!) and it combines black backgrounds with tile based constructions. Controls wise, thankfully, are immediate and easy to sink into. So, together with Chagunitzu, its brother in crime, the game offers you a very satisfying build, and it offers you a good deal of fun; sure enough, puzzles games have rarely been so action heavy and delivered as sidescrollers, so there is something special about it. Be the explorer that you always wanted to be, download them both!

An excting merger of puzzles and action

This game is a great combination of action and puzzle which has the very element of addictiveness tagged to it. You will play as a hero whose task is to go through traps and puzzle rooms to search treasures and then the way out of it. In your search you will have to counter snakes, spiders, other hostile animals and will have to navigate puzzle maps. The puzzles are quite brain teasing and you have to be very attentive with your reflexes. The action in the game is more than what you find with classic puzzle games and this is what has really clicked my liking. The graphics are quite alluring where you have fun animations at the backdrop. The treasures which have been hidden in the rooms are supported with hints which help you out in your quest but again the hints are not simple and you will have to be vigilant. It's a definite recommendation for those who admire strategy building games as they really sharpen your mind. There are many games in this category but the one which I have found to resemble this one is Chagunitzu which is equally exciting, addictive and tough.

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