Moraff's Blast I

Arcade 1991 Dos Moraffware Arkanoid style

Eyewatering Breakout clone

The name of Moraff is attached to a number of games released over the years, from Moraff's Stones to Moraff's World, all of which share a low budget, old-school, indie sensibility and which provide varying amounts of entertainment. This one is basically a collection of Breakout/Arkanoid-style bat and ball games and which is again distinctly average stuff. What you have here is a set of three such games, all of which share Moraff's trademark eye-aching visuals and which provide a reasonable amount of interest for genre shares. The basic idea of all three is the same as with other such games, requiring players to bounce balls around with the goal of destroying blocks for no other reason than to rack up points. The variations are slightly interesting and require you to knock out obstructions around an exit in order to progress to the next level for example, and other such minor spins on the formula. There's the usual array of powerups to collect and which should help you out should you find things tricky but apart from this, there's little else on display here. As far as bat and ball games go, this is no better or no worse than many of the other offerings on the market, and is best described as distinctly average. The visuals are perhaps the game's weakest aspect, and are quite eyewateringly dodgy for much of the time, something of a shared trait with other Moraff games. The gameplay fares better, as long as you like this sort of thing but while the variations provide some interest, it's hard to recommend this one to anyone but the most hardened of genre fans.

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