Arcade 1992 Dos Raoul Said Arkanoid style Action

Breakout style

Between the various clones of Breakout or Arkanoid you find Superball. This is an arcade style game which has the same theme as has been seen with many other games in this category. The gameplay is that the player has a handle at the bottom of the screen and the handle can be moved right and left. A ball will pop up from the bottom left of the screen and will go up to strike against the bricks. The ball will then come down and you need to catch it with the paddle so that it goes up again and strikes against the bricks. The aim in the game is to destroy all the bricks and then advance on in levels. All the stages in the game has been well designed and have been added with a lot of details. The AI is perfect and is line with the theme of the game. With every stage that you conquer, the game gets tougher and tougher. The graphics are quite alluring as you will find some distinct color schemes and patterns at every stage. The controls are also smooth and responsive and they allow easy control of the paddle for an addictive gameplay. Another good game in this genre which is loved by many out there is Aquanoid.

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