Moraff's World

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Moraffware Humorous

Hard to sink into but satisfying RPG

Phew, I'm telling you, while I like to complain that modern day RPGs are a bit too on the easy side, I got to give it to those developers, some of the early RPG titles could really put you through your paces. A very quirky and twisted RPG that really put oldschool in oldschool is this game here, Moraff's World a game that used 3D mazes in which you navigated slide style. The game gave you all the info you needed text based style and the battles were just as well detailed in the same text based interface. Oh, man, if I ever wished I had a compass to tell me where I need to head next! The game is sprawling but given the limitation of the way the game world is showed to you, slide by slide, you'll really have a hard time navigating your way around. Due to the large number of repeating slides, you might think that you are somewhere else than the location you're actually at, which leads to confusion, nerves and a lot of stress. Also, the game world, the info, and the current slide are all slapped on the same screen, leaving to information overload and really just vision fatigue. Oh, and were you planning on actually taking the game to the end? Well, good luck with that! The game features more than 200 locations. Yap, you've read that right, 200 locations and more than 40 monsters. But, if you're anything like me, you'll just not be able to take it. As generous as the game seems, it is going to eat your energy with its demands like a 1000 watt power supply! Not for me. But, if you'd like an older RPG that was just as sprawling, the classic The Elder Scrolls Arena is a much more well rounded experience and even more huge!

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