Mortal Coil: Adrenalin Intelligence

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Crush Science Fiction Puzzle based

First person squad level tactics game; well done

This game is styled like a futuristic post punk dystopian set shooter, but, interestingly enough, instead of being some bare metal product, it is a kind of game that wants you to act as a commander of squads. As in the Rainbow Six shooters, you can control your fellow combatants by issuing them short order commands. It's the regular follow me, stop, shoot here, shoot there, take cover there, but given the pace of the game it works alright. The story that is offered in the cutscenes is more interesting than you'd think at first. Given that you are a mercenary gunner, you'd think that it would all be just unrelated missions, for whomever is paying the dough, but nope, this one will being to create a more cohesive and actually enticing story as you go on. Sure, the themes are there, spy work, conspiracy, sabotage, but, for a pulp story it makes perfect sense and it is quite interesting. So, sure enough, give it a go. The shooting itself is nice enough and so you will find the rest of the elements cool enough on their own and nonintrusive. Else, see one of the Rainbow Six titles, for the same brand of military, political and squad intervention in first person, but set in a closer timeframe.

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