Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Science Fiction Puzzle based

Action with a side dressing of puzzle

The biggest part of this game is its action portion, which consists of a top down action combining shooting, dodging and other such staples. However, from time to time, to top it all off and to give it an extra edge, the game will throw some other elements at you, in the form of puzzles, which, for all intents and purposes do a great job at keeping the game intense, but in a more cerebral manner. So, for all intents and purposes, you will surely like this one, it has all the required bits and pieces, and it also has a nice flow. What might not entice you in the same manner, is the fact that the game is not too diverse graphically. The same themes of tiles are used over and over again, and the game doesn't seem to have a lot of them either. But they sure create nice, if repetitive decors. Truth be told you might not even notice them in the heat of a battle, but then again, after a while they become a little tiring and a little too boring too. Anyways, this game and Impossible Mission share a similar build and if you like one, the other one will be just as great an experience.

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