Action 1984 Dos Dosbox Bubble Bus Software Science Fiction Puzzle based

Underrated but classic platforming experience

Now this is a blast from the past! Starquake is an underrated gem of a platformer which is both complex and absorbing and features a number of original gameplay mechanics that make it stand out even today. The surprisingly in-depth story requires that players embark on a mission to restore the core of a rogue planet, thus preventing a chain reaction which could destroy the entire universe. Controlling B.L.O.B. (Bio-Logically Operated Being), a charming little fellow armed with a ray gun, you must explore, shoot and hover your way around the planet, collecting pieces of the planet's core in order to save the day. Getting in your way are the inhabitants of the planet as well as numerous mechanical hazards, but fortunately weapon and shield upgrades are available to help you out. You can also use teleporters to help you get around, but the catch here is that you must find the codes first, while another interesting feature is B.L.O.B.'s ability to create his own temporary platforms. Starquake really is great little platformer that stands up well today, with its many innovative gameplay mechanics, appealing graphics, and truly epic quest. Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of a save-game facility, but if you're willing to put the time and effort in, then this is a classic retro platforming experience, up there with the likes of Jet Set Willy and Dizzy.

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