Moto Racer 2

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Fast-paced and fun arcade racer

Arcade racing fans are in for a treat with Moto Racer 2, a sequel which builds on all that made the first game great, and then adds to it to make things even better. While it rarely tries to achieve the heights of realism, it is this sense of fun which makes it so successful and it remains a nice little arcade racer. The sequel brings in all new tracks, 32 in total, and lets players choose from 16 bikes to live their fantasies of high-speed and reckless biking. Graphics here are still pretty good actually, and the wide range of courses and environments make races constantly entertaining with high replay value. Controls too are straightforward and responsive, making riding as fun as it should be, but it is the sense of speed which really counts in any arcade racer, and luckily Moto Racer 2 doesn't disappoint in this respect. Everything zips by at an impressive pace, while the cockpit view really throws players into the heart of the racing. Add in multi-player split-screen action and a level editor so you can design your own testing tracks and you have a great all-round driving package. If you're looking for similar fast-paced driving action, then check out Motocross Madness and its sequel.

Fun on two wheel!

I really miss the days when racing games were mostly made to be fun. What other games like Need for Speed 2 you see today? Moto Racer 2 brings that kind of fun to you. It's not about how perfect the simulation of a Moto GP race. It's all about speed and the will to win the race. Moto Racer 2 offers 3 ways of gameplay: a single race, where you just race against AI opponents, a tournament mode and a practice mode if you want to know the track before starting a race on it. There's a variety of bikes and tracks, but the most of them are off road tracks. The game offers a 3D track modelling tool too, that makes it more re-playable. With it, you can create your own 3D tracks at your leisure, a feature similar in the pc game Re-Volt. Then the graphics and sound... what can I say? They're outstanding. You can even play with 3 other friends via local or LAN. In conclusion, any fan of arcade style racing games with motorbikes will consider Moto Racer 2 a must have.

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