Superbike World Championship

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It will blow your mind

There are a lot of good car racing games, but not a lot of good motorcycle racing games (like MotoGP). This is one of them. Released in 1999, this game provides fantastic experience of racing on a bike supported by outstanding 3D graphics and a rocking good soundtrack. The most unbelievable thing about this game is how much effort EA has put into making the game as realistic as possible - it even went that far as to get a full Superbike World Championship license meaning that you, my dear player, have all of the 1998 bikers, tracks, teams and motorcycles at your disposal! The game goes so far into realism to take all the dynamics and physics factors into consideration while driving, and when in simulation mode, you get to decide which of these features will get included in your game. The game possibilities are virtually endless, meaning that you will play this game a gazillion times, just to try out something now. And did I mention the fenomenal outstanding super crazy good graphics? Oh, yeah, I did. The game is something else, ladies and gentleman. It's on a new level of racing game. Absolutely perfect.

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