Racing 1999 Windows Acclaim Humorous Car and action Unconventional

Sweet "running" memories

Re-Volt is a 1999 racing game where you drive remote controlled cars through various locations and courses. The modes are: Single Race (you compete with other R/C vehicles in a single track), Championship Mode (where you compete in a couple of races with the main goal to reach the first position), Multiplayer and Time Trial (when you want to practice, by getting the best time, without competing against other drivers). Remember, speed is the most important element that leads you to victory. Another elements that increase the excitement and interest for the game are the weapons and other appealing and special items. Winning races will reward you with unlocked cars! The gameplay, the controls and the tracks run smoothly, and the visual effects are eye-catching. I played this game and I still do in my spare time, when I want to bring back the sweet memories when it comes to a great driving game. I also prefer it because it's still considered by the critics a trendy action and racing videogame even nowadays. I am sure most of the racing game lovers tried Re-Volt, and if not, then I highly recommend it to them, because they will not be disappointed by the thrill they will experience! Take out your inner child and drive your favorite little vehicle to success!

Drive your way!

This racing game is great fun. I downloaded the ready-to-play version in a .zip file from Abandonia. Unzip it then look in the folder for ReVolt.exe file and double-click it to start the game. Runs OK in Windows XP, no problem. Was able to set Options for high screen resolution plus Anisotropic filter and Anti-aliasing too. Also, it let me use my Logitech MOMO racing wheeel. Looks and runs OK for an old 3D game. Steering seems over-sensitive but you can adjust it in Options/Controller. Drive under the little lightning bolts scattered around the tracks and you get various weapons you can use to slow down or blow up other cars when you get near them. Lots of fun here for free!!

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