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Just in case you haven't had enough NASCAR action in your life through titles such as NASCAR Heat and NASCAR Revolution, along comes another in that specialized genre of racing game. This one isn't a bad addition to the lineup, but if you're played any other similar game you'll know exactly what to expect from it, so don't go in expecting any big surprises and you'll be alright. This one features a fairly hefty selection of modes to try out, including one off races, a full championship, and even the chance to race against the legendary Richard Petty in a series of challenges. Whatever mode you try out, you'll get the chance to race around the eighteen real world tracks, as well as some fantasy road courses to spice things up. There are several real drivers here too, while the title features some fairly realistic physics systems and some quite slick AI to add to the challenge. The game does aim at the more realistic end of the market, although you can tweak things to suit your preferences, making this one for newcomers and veterans alike. As far as these things go, this is neither better nor worse than most of the competition. The range of options and modes is enough to keep any NASCAR fan happy for some time, with plenty of detail and features from the real world. The visuals are decent too, with a good sensation of speed and lots of trackside details to enjoy too. The real problem here lies with the actual NASCAR race scene itself, as there is a chronic lack of variety in the tracks, so casual players are likely to get bored very quickly. If you are a fan though, this is worth a look.

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